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I'm watching all (currently) 52 Disney animated classics in order, then writing about them. Disney history/informational tidbits sprinkled in between.
I think Belle action of venturing into the west wing merely stressed the fact that she was curious, and above all, a bit rebellious. She longed for adventure, (as she stated before in her song) and couldn't contain herself when she was so close to something she figured as "an adventure". Yes, she was wrong to dismissed Cogsworth and Lumiere's warning, but in my opinion, that just added to her personality. Also, she wasn't surprised or outraged when Beast was mad, she was scared. (cont.) ...
(cont.) But then I guess she realized that it was just the Beast with his lack of anger management, so she tried to talk him to behave better. I do think she owed him an apology though, for running away and breaking her promise and in process getting him hurt. :p That’s my opinion. :D

Totally see your point here because, yes, a yearning for adventure is definitely part of Belle’s personality, I just think she demonstrates it in a really dumb way in that instance. I mean, she IS already in an enchanted castle, does she really have to overdo it on the first night? Haha. And really, Ariel does similarly ill-advised things (i.e. SELLING HER VOICE), but for some reason it just doesn’t bug me as much as Belle in this case. I think it boils down to how much she chastises Beast afterward for losing his temper and I just don’t know what she was expecting when she was told flat out not to go there. DEFINITELY owed him an apology.
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