Hangin' With Mickey
I'm watching all (currently) 52 Disney animated classics in order, then writing about them. Disney history/informational tidbits sprinkled in between.
Yeah, I think both girls are a bit reckless about their decisions. Like, Ariel, what the hell? You could at least think twice or bargain a bit about the price :p Guess Disney was just at their turning point, huh, after quite passive female leads such as Cindy and Snow? Thanks for your answer as well, it's always nice discussing about Disney :D

I so agree about the early ’90s being a turning point for the female leads! Belle and Ariel and Jasmine are definitely less passive than Cinderella/Snow, know what they want, and can be awesome sometimes, but are still somewhere behind the totally self-sufficient Tiana, in my opinion. Can’t wait to talk about Princess and the Frog, FYI. :D